Welcome to Alrafie-Hospital in Makkah ...... Radiology department is equipped with the latest modern medical devices ...... Have distinct hotel services for patients trapped ...... Receives the children's section cases it is Btnoimha whether cases through outpatient clinics or critical situations  


Medical software specialist available in the hospital many and you can subscribe to it after Talaa them and choose the right ones where you provide the hospital follow-up programs pregnancy and follow-up programs born and programs for the elderly and programs of Department of Dentistry and Barmj periodic inspection programs Dental screening programs League


Why lower the level of sugar in the blood in patients with diabetes?? And what the symptoms of this case?? And how it is processed?? How can a diabetic patient to protect himself from repeating this decline? After meals is the secretion of the hormone insulin from the pancreas, which means to enter an item after glucose absorbed from the blood into cells.


Latest up-to-flag in heart surgery, chest and said his visit in the month of May next and will try to call doctors in catheter therapeutic for the heart and Doctors in open-heart surgery for children and stressed that the five cases in the completed health and stability and they began to normal breathing and regularity of their medical condition


Ask visitors to adhere to the following instructions to ensure the patient's comfort: Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Guest must be in good health (if the visitor has been subjected to any contagious disease such as chicken pox, tuberculosis or mumps or measles during the last three weeks, then he has to inform the nurse prior to the visit).